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Tarschool is a cultural institution whose main mission is to promote and preserve Persian classical music through musical education and performance. This musical education includes the study of various Persian instruments, such as Tar, Setar, Ud, Tombak, Daf, Kamancheh and Santoor.  It also includes vocal instruction, Persian music theory and history, as well as special classes for children.

Tarschool is also the source of certain academic projects such as the researching of and writing about subjects in the realm of Persian classical and folk music. Musical performances include concerts of the Neydavood Ensemble and the group performance of the Tarschool students.

Tarschool is the music school of SCALE (School of Culture, Art, Literature & Entertainment) organization. Classes are offered in five different locations in Northern California by Tarschool instructors or over the Internet using the state of the art technology such as Skype.